The Health Bank Account

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The Health Bank Account is a complete well-being programme
that provides a dynamic response to an overwhelming problem:-

‘The lack of personal investment the average person makes in their own welfare”

The singular cause is a lack of health education and an important side effect is an inability to cope with the pressures faced in everyday life, pressures that quickly become stresses.

The Health Bank Account provides

  • A definition of stress and how it impacts us on biochemical, structural, environmental and emotional levels
  • An opportunity to evaluates one’s personal well-being investment.
  • An opportunity to address personal well-being issues.
  • Help to incorporate and ustain long-term healthy preactices in one’s lifestyle.
  • The programme is aimed at encouraging employees to address their health issues proactively and ‘Healthy employees are critical to the development os a vibrant, creative and effective workforce’

The programme centres on the need for personal responsibility and therefore the pivitol change is achieved only by investment from the employee with support and guidance from the company. The Health Bank Account superbly accommodates the need to instal an awareness of ‘lack of investment’ along with the tools to ‘select appropriate investment’ in well-being. The incorporation of both conventional and preventative medicine is an integral feature.