Spiritual Guidance Readings

“I focus my channelling through the use of the Secret Dakini Oracle Deck. I always ask that my spirit guides connect with those of the questioner and only that which is related to the ‘utmost good’ for the questioner can be channelled through. Spiritual Guidance Readings provide opportunities of discovery, helping the questioner direct their life towards being the best they can be and finding a greater joyfulness.

“As a child I was aware of elementals and saw many strange scenes play out on my bedroom ceiling which later proved to have either happened or were about to happen. Since my parents had no spiritual interest or connection, my thoughts and feelings were shared only with my brother, two years my junior. My teen years were complicated times with psychic and out-of-body experiences which were sometimes quite disconcerting and sometimes strangely comforting.

“As I grew, I first tried teacher training and later I moved into the commercial world. All along this journey, I always felt like I didn’t quite fit in. I travelled extensively and found I had abilities to pick up on other people’s thoughts, emotions and often future events.

“In my late teens I’d started reading tarot cards, always careful to link with guides and to provide protection. In the late 80’s I attended a weekly circle with a trance medium. I attended more and more groups and events to find like-minded people. I always felt uneasy with the idea of ‘fortune telling’ because it didn’t seem to me, to be necessarily for someone’s utmost good.

“Eventually, in the very early 90’s, I found that by asking my spirit guide to link with the questioner’s guide, I could ask that my readings be only for utmost good of the questioner and I began programming Crystals to hold my intent. This discovery, simultaneously with encountering the amazing Secret Dakini Oracle Deck has enhanced my readings.

Spiritual Guidance is offered to help the questioner make choices and take actions that support a greater spiritual awareness, self-empowerment and happier outcome.”

The questioner is enabled to see where they have become self-defeating instead of self-supporting and self-disciplined. They are guided to recognise self-sabotaging subconscious behaviours and habits and offer practical help to re-engage in self-supporting and healing practices

Spiritual Guidance readings are available either face-to-face, or by distance if you prefer. Either by Skype or a written version.





“Suzanne has been reading my cards for a number of years and her accuracy has been outstanding. Her readings have become very important to me and I would highly recommend her to anybody with interest in having their cards read.”
L. Mansworth

“Suzanne’s soul readings have helped me plan for future events. She is truly gifted in this field and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
M. Jones

“Suzanne has read my cards on a number of occasions and her soul readings have provided insight into work, family and personal affairs. She is very talented.”
T. Grey

“Suzanne is awesome. Her card reading is spot on. I have asked her advice a number of times and she is always spot on.
R. Newman

“Suzanne regularly reads my cards and on numerous occasions she has accurately predicted future events. She is extremely discreet and I find her soul readings a great comfort.”
D. Mansworth

I have found my readings with Suzanne very insightful, sometimes bringing out emotions I was unaware of and incredibly accurate and helpful.
J. Newton

Suzanne has read my cards on numerous occasions and I have found her readings insightful and helpful.
B. Foley

“I’ve found Suzanne’s Spiritual Guidance readings extremely insightful and helpful in moving forward in life. She is very thorough, very clear, and gives practical advice. Her kinesiology sessions are also very helpful in addressing health issues and balancing my energy.”
P. Walsh-Roberts