My Personal Kinesiology Journey

I am completely passionate about developing simple tools and exercises that help people achieve being the best possible version of themselves; less stressed, less anxious and capable of their optimal performance.

Kinesiology is part of my everyday routine, it’s also essential to my teaching and in my private practice. It’s an incredible tool that not only helps you pinpoint a clients needs but provides a wonderful demonstration tool.

My personal journey started in 1997 when I first came across Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book but it wasn’t until 2001, after a bizarre set of circumstances that I found myself sitting in front of her at the annual Mind, Body and Spirit event in the Royal Horticultural Halls. Stunned and astounded, I started my training that year and have been using Energy Medicine as part of my work ever since, it spurred me on to train and become a fully qualified Kinesiologist in 2003.

I’ve since studied Nutrition, Functional Bio-chemistry, Spectrum Healing, Colour-Bio psychology, Ask & Receive, Balancing numbers as well as countless other energy practices, all of which I use with Kinesiology.

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I’m also very passionate about how Kinesiology is used.

We are taught in ‘Touch for Heath’ by the Chiropractor John Thie which is developed from the work of Chiropractor George Goodheart that there are 42 muscles in the body that can be used for testing.

It is important to note that not one of those 42 muscles includes the arm raised to the side of the body at a 90° angle. I have seen this demonstrated by countless non-kinesiologists. This arm angle could easily damage the very delicate scalene (neck) muscles. 

For demonstration purposes, I prefer to muscle test with an arm at a 45° angle using the anterior deltoid muscle. If the arm is too high it will engage the back muscles too, I have also seen this tested at a 90° angle by non-kinesiologists. This is not a test of strength, you merely want to apply a little pressure to the forearm to see if it will hold or if it will release. Always test above the wrist bone, if you test below it the hand is likely to flop. You should only offer the lightest of a two finger pressure, for a couple of seconds.

Another important point when testing someone is to clear your mind, a cluttered or expectant mind could have a profound effect on the results, it is important not to imprint your expectations on the person you are testing.

However this is not a simple ask, I realized I’d been told to do this many times in meditations too.

At first I found it really hard and the instruction itself wasn’t helpful, I was told to ‘empty my mind’. So I found myself thinking about, that, I was thinking about, trying not to think. I then got very annoyed with myself, thinking about, how I was thinking about, trying not to think. I tried to follow a suggestion of leaving my mind alone like you would leave rough water alone so it stills of its own accord, but whilst I was trying to leave it alone and conceive that it should be left alone to happen. I was stirring it up. There is of course no such thing as an empty-mind, an enlightened mind can’t be empty. 

You need a still, calm, peaceful mind, devoid of expectation.

You need to, just be in the moment!

So how to achieve that:-

It is in finding a moment when we connect with something more powerful than ourselves, that we can begin to understand the clarity of being in the moment, of swimming in an ocean of feeling without judging, analyzing, formulating or concluding… ‘just being’.

And in ‘just being’ … we leave behind all stresses, strains, worries, upsets too. And this is where we will find the best possible version of ourselves.

Imagine going up in a lift or elevator* and finding that place where you are contented just for a few minutes to ‘just be’.

The following meditation is designed to do just that.

And even better once you have done the meditation a couple of times, you can just imagine in seconds taking yourself on that journey and arriving at that point of ‘just being’.

Click here for the free meditation ‘ Entering the Lift to ‘just being’’