Kinesiology Private 1-2-1 Consultations

Kinesiology with Suzanne Lane

Kinesiology with Suzanne Lane

Kinesiology uses the bodies bio-feedback system using a muscle to gauge a positive or negative response, to a stimulus, in order to identify whether it is in or out of balance. Discovering this information enables the Kinesiologist to effectively assist, help and release problems associated with:- Vitamin & Mineral deficiencies, Allergy Testing and Food Sensitivities, Ideal diet, Sleep Disturbances, Environmental Intolerances, Traumas and Limiting Beliefs, Anxieties and Stress and Unhelpful Behavioural Patterns that inhibit Positive Change.

I have been working as a Kinesiologist since 2003. Every client, I treat is different, I tailor each session based on my clients needs using Kinesiology to help me isolate the cause and then pin-point the direction.

kinesiologyIt is the client’s electrical system and its hundred billion motor neurons sending and receiving messages to and from the brain from all over the body that the Kinesiologist is accessing. It is these links to the client’s subconscious mind that help me establish where the body is out of balance and what it might need to rebalance itself.

I’ve trained in many different aspects of Kinesiology and I often mix and match my modalities.

Sometimes a more bio-chemical response is required I could be testing for Supplements, Vitamin Deficiencies, Environmental Intolerances or Allergies using Functional Biochemistry and testing vials. 

Equally a deficiency could be an inability to absorb a nutrient due to an emotional imbalance or I could be asked to look at stresses and anxieties or a need for positive change; in this instance I would use treatments such as Ask & Receive, Colour Bio-Psychology, Spectrum Healing, Energy Medicine, Balancing Numbers, Court of Atonement, Flower Essences, etc.

Kinesiology is renowned for being able to uncover and help the underlying causes of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means.

Using Kinesiology we can test for:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Environmental intolerances
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Digestive function
  • Stresses and anxieties affecting your health
  • The bodies Energetic system
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Unhelpful behavioural patterning inhibiting positive change
  • Trauma’s and limiting beliefs

Kinesiology works on the whole person and is non-intrusive and non-invasive and confidential. You remain fully clothed. Sessions typically take 1.5 hours.

My Personal Kinesiology Journey


I went to Suzanne suffering from IBS that had been steadily getting worse and worse. I’ve now got it under control and I’m feeling heaps better and so much happier inside as a consequence. I’ve made some changes to my diet and taken some supplements. I can now go out and about without worrying about where the nearest toilet is located.
R. Perry

‘Suzanne used the Ask and Receive Kinesiology with me to help with an issue that was causing me confusion and worry in certain interactions. She successfully got to the root of an unhealthy belief I had and guided me to replace it with a healthy one. I felt immediate relief and it has made a real lasting difference!
D. Simpson

I recently went to Suzanne for a kinesiology session to try to understand a personal issue I could not seem to change.
Suzanne was professional, knowledgeable, thorough, kind and understanding and persevered till we found underlying reason to this issue. I have seen changes in my life as a result of this session and continue to do so. I highly recommend Suzanne as a therapist who can help to delve to the root cause of an issue.
Suzanna T.

I can’t believe I can go out in the sun and not get Hives! Suzanne successfully sorted out this out for me after years of suffering.
Thank you so much
S. Robertson

Suzanne comes straight to the point allowing her vast experience and well-honed skills to shine through. she gets to the crux of the matter and explains in plain language what she finds and what to work on through Kinesiology testing. You come away feeling listened to and ready for a challenge.
P. Matthews