Kinesiology – Private Treatments

Better health begins by discovering that it is our thoughts and beliefs which not only create disease but can impact our lives, limiting our ability to attract what we want and achieve our dreams. Our early traumas and resulting limiting beliefs form the background of future experiences…

Find Your Crystal Allies

Crystals are one of the most powerful tools we have today in supporting our journey through life. The choosing, cleansing, tuning and programming of Crystals impact our power and intention, supporting us as we move forward, embracing our destinies to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Testing for Nutritional Deficiences

Personal consultations include: Nutritional Kinesiology (Functional Biochemistry), Vitamin & Mineral deficiencies, Allergy testing and Food sensitivities, Ideal diet, Toxic Metal & Chemicals testing, Suzanne sees clients in Great Cambourne close to Cambridge.

Fun with Tarot

Tarot is a wonderful tool that can help you see another side to issues in your life. Fun with Tarot offers:- Beginners workshop in the Rider Waite Tarot with simple explanations and cheat sheets to help you get started. Fun workshop days and Tarot parties for fun tailored for just for you and your friends.

The Energy Edge Workshops

Energy Edge Workshops:
Based on the work of Donna Eden, 'The Energy Edge' is an interactive workshop demonstrating simple, quick and easy ways, to balance and harmonise the energies flowing in and around our bodies, increasing our physical, mental and emotional potential.

Opening to Spirit Workshops

This one day workshops teaches: Creating a safe space, Working with intention, Raising your vibration, Feeling connected. The first part of the morning will be about raising the vibration, we will be using a unique guided meditation....

Reiki and Seichem Attunements and Share Groups

Suzanne has been a Reiki & Seichem Teacher since 1997. She particularly enjoys working with Mother and daughter groups (No Fathers or sons have turned up yet!) Suzanne offers attunements and Reiki share groups. The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing,...

Spiritual Guidance Readings

Spiritual Guidance is offered to help the questioner make choices and take actions that support a greater spiritual awareness, self empowerment and happier outcome.” These readings provide opportunities of discovery, helping the questioner direct their life...