Fun with Tarot Beginners Workshops

Tarot is a wonderful tool that can help you see another side to issues in your life.
This is a Beginners workshop using the Rider Waite Tarot with simple explanations and Suzanne’s especially designed cheat sheets to help you get started.

This is a Fun workshop to explore giving readings and swapping the experience with others. We will begin with understanding Tarot packs with a very brief look at their history, which can be significant when choosing a pack of Tarot cards. Suzanne has designed the day to help you understand the basics of Tarot. Demonstrating the link between Tarot and Numerology and explaining the relevance of the ‘Fool’s Journey’. It’s interactive so you will be quickly trying small spreads on your own. Suzanne also shows you a variety of spreads and explains the importance of using them.

Why not have a Tarot party ?

Arrange your own party of friends and Suzanne will offer an evening of readings and fun tailored for just for you and your friends.