Find your Crystal Allies Workshop

…created and facilitated by Suzanne Lane

Crystals are one of the most powerful tools we have today in supporting our journey through life. The choosing, cleansing, tuning and programming of Crystals impact our power and intention. They support us as we move forward, embracing our destinies in an effort to become the best possible version of ourselves.

This workshop combines, Numerology, Chakra’s and the Vibrational energies of Crystals in a voyage of discovery. We will be working with destiny numbers, what they mean and selecting the stones that resonate best with an empowered you.

In today’s modern world one of the best and most supportive tools we have are Crystals. Working with the Crystals that support your destiny intensifies this help. Grounding crystals work best, as your destiny holds you to the earth.

crystal allies workshop

We could all do with a little help and this workshop shows you how to discover the crystals through numerology that work especially well with your personal energy. You will learn a little about your numerology and be given enough tools to understand what your destiny numbers are and what they mean to you, even some insights in why some things in life seem such a challenge.

Programming crystals that are affiliated with your destiny numbers helps increase your ability to move forward and be the person you aspire to be. Crystals can be programmed to specifically help you to move forward fearlessly engaging with your destiny. Suzanne helps you discover which are the best crystals to work with and why. There are plenty of opportunities to increase the energy as you attune and programme your crystals. There are crystal bowls, singing bowls, energy chimes, Glastonbury Spring water work and the opportunity to work in a full-size copper pyramid which really intensifies the experience.

You leave with a beautifully illustrated user guide, so you can work out the right crystals for your families, friends and clients.

There is an opportunity to purchase your Crystals’ allies on the day. Suzanne has a large range of crystals from the more common, to the highly unusual. If you prefer to seek your Crystal ally elsewhere, bring a clear-quartz to work with on the day.

Suzanne Lane

Suzanne had psychic abilities as a small child, during her teens these gifts manifested in various ways, She has been working with Spirit, Crystals and Tarot since she was teenager and has been giving Spiritual Guidance Readings for nearly 30 years. Suzanne trained in Psycho-synthesis, Psych dynamic Counselling, Energy Medicine, Touch for Health, Creative Kinesiology, Functional Bio-chemistry and Nutrition, Ask and Receive, Spectrum Healing, Numerology, Journey Work and Shamanism as well as attended many other workshops over the years. She is a Reiki and Seichem teacher.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Crystal Allies workshop. Suzanne is a wonderful teacher who has the unique gift of making the most complicated things easy to understand in an entertaining way! It’s a fascinating workshop unlike any other crystal course and would thoroughly recommend Suzanne and Crystal Allies.
Kyrisia Anna Newman …Inspiral

Over the years I have done many workshops with Suzanne, most recently I did the Crystal Allies workshop and found it interesting, fun and would recommend it to anyone has an interest in crystals
Nicky Moore

I attended the Crystal Allies workshop with a group of lovely ladies and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Suzanne Lane is a wonderful hostess and I found the workshop really interesting. I also loved the fact that there were crystals for sale on the day, so I could purchase exactly what I needed.
Anji James

I attended Suzanne’s workshop last year & was very impressed by her knowledge & also the amount of information & processes we were given to take away & use both with ourselves & others. I was particularly looking to learn how to programme a crystal & was very pleased to be able to do that on the day & since. We also had some fun & frivolity & lots of friendly banter. I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to understand how they work linked to both numerology & crystals. It was great to be able to buy some crystals as well.
Jean Newton

This course was really interesting and enjoyable, as were all the courses I’ve attended by Suzanne (she’s lovely). I left the course with exactly what I had hoped to get from it and would recommend it to anyone hoping to find their crystal allies. Plus I was also able to purchase the exact crystals I was hoping for.
J. Louwers-Hall