Energy Medicine

Based on the work of Donna Eden, I use Energy work as part of the treatments I use when tailoring a programme to support and help a client. Donna’s work is based on utilising the electro magnetic properties of your body to reset and re-harmonise your bodies energy system. We can literally move our energy and make positive, well-being changes simply by a flow of movements.

As a Kinesiologist (which simply means muscle testing) I work with among other things, the bodies electrical system.

Stress actually can be a physical complaint caused by our electrical system being put under duress.

We are electrical

Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel. The flow of charged ions causes your heart to beat and your muscles to contract. But nowhere in the body is electrical activity better documented than the brain, which contains roughly a hundred billion electrically conductive, biological wires. We even have the biological equivalent of a spark plug in our heart called the sinus node that keeps our heart beating.

So disruption of our electrical system can cause us physical mayhem which is very stressful!

What causes the disruption

  • The daily grind.
  • The electrical activity of our brains as we become stressed, particularly if we are being shouted at
  • The electrical activity of other people who are stressed and passing their stress on
  • Not enough physical activity, too much physical activity
  • Dehydration is a big one
  • Electrical devices around us, mobile phones, wi-fi
  • Computers micro-waves


All these things distort our electrical system and that in turn effects our vitality.

We feel tired, we ache, we might get headaches, feel irritable, even depressed.

We feel stressed

So stress is actually a physical thing!

Using the exercises of Donna Eden we can reset our equilibrium and enhance our vitality thus reducing stress to our body.