Suzanne Lane, KFRP

Me, Myself and I

I see myself as a work in progress, I’m on a journey to try and become the best possible version of myself. I’ve discovered over the years that taking a deep breath, standing back and reviewing where the struggles are, has been the most beneficial tool in helping me make some positive changes in my life.

It has become a passion, to help others review their journey and help them alieviate some of those stresses and strains that can become so over-whelming and can easily impact well-being too.

I didn’t start on this journey until the affects of eighteen years as a high-flying business professional in a high-pressure environment had taken their toll. I was constantly chasing my tail, either, extremely proactive or reactive. It wasn’t until the birth my second child and his subsequent health issues I took a step back and an enormous deep breath.

A trip to a Homeopath and what, seemed to me like a miraculous recovery, set in motion a complete personal change of direction. I discovered a wonder and a desire to learn more. I didn’t go back to work at the end of my second maternity leave. I gave myself permission to help-myself, by this time I was beginning to realise the impact the stresses and strains of my previous life had had on my own well-being. The unexpected result was the start of a voyage of self-discovery.

Very early on I started a group called ‘New Dimensions’ and with help from others, we encouraged local mothers to join our group inviting all types of complementary health practitioners to give talks. During this time, I trained to teacher level in Reiki and Seichem, I trained in Indian Head massage, in Psycho-Synthesis and Psycho-Dynamic-Counselling. Particularly significantly for me, I came across Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book. 

It wasn’t until 2001, after a bizarre set of circumstances that I found myself sitting in front of Donna Eden at the Mind Body and Spirit in the Royal Horticultural Halls. I started training that year and have been using a form of Energy Medicine ever since. I went on to train in Touch for Heath and completed my training to become a fully-fledged Kinesiologist in 2003.

Since then I have studied Functional Biochemistry, Nutrition, Body Electrics Courses, Magnet Therapy, Colour Bio-psychology, Balancing numbers, Flower Remedies, Ask and Receive, Spectrum Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy and undertaken numerous personal development courses.

I started my own private practice in 2002 which has been running ever since. I also set up a company called ‘Lifequest’ working for large companies such as Royal Sun-Alliance and AON, during this time I worked with other therapists demonstrating Indian Head Massage, Acupressure, Energy medicine and Kinesiology.

I adore sharing everything I’d picked up over the years with others, helping people alleviate their stresses, let go of unhelpful patterns, making positive changes and improving general well-being. I now work using a combination of all the disciplines I have trained in over the years, cherry picking what I consider to be the best part in each that best suits the client that is in front of me at the time.

We are all so individual and I think we all deserve the opportunity to become the best possible version of ourselves.

Suzanne is a member of The Kinesiology Federation.

The kinesiology federation

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