Energy Edge Workshops

Based on the work of Donna Eden, ‘The Energy Edge’ is an interactive workshop demonstrating simple, quick and easy ways, to balance and harmonise the energies flowing in and around our bodies, increasing our physical, mental and emotional potential. The workshops are fun and have immediate impact, they offer simple and effective tools that help relieve stress and maintain physical well-being also offering self-help techniques that participants can take away with them and share with their friends and families.

Learn the Joy Generators, also known as Radiant Circuits, a series of exercises that work like a reset button, they literally help you find your joy. Feeling down and a quick reset instantly makes you feel better.

The Energy Edge teaches us to harmonise and align our energies, so we can be the best possible version of ourselves in readiness of all the exciting adventures 2019 can offer.

Suzanne first came across Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book in 1997 but it wasn’t until 2001, after a bizarre set of circumstances that she found herself sitting in front of Donna at the Mind Body and Spirit in the Royal Horticultural Halls. Suzanne was so impressed she started training that year and has been practicing Energy Medicine ever since. Suzanne eventually decided to take it to the next level, training to become a Kinesiologist in 2003

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