Kinesiology – Private Treatments

Better health begins by discovering that it is our thoughts and beliefs which not only create disease but can impact our lives, limiting our ability to attract what we want and achieve our dreams. Our early traumas and resulting limiting beliefs form the background of future experiences… >>

Crystal Allies Workshop

Crystals are one of the most powerful tools we have today in supporting our journey through life. The choosing, cleansing, tuning and programming of Crystals impact our power and intention, supporting us as we move forward, embracing our destinies to be the best possible version of ourselves. >>

Colour Bio-Psychology Therapy

Colour Bio-Psychology Therapy is a unique treatment that enables the client to gently and painlessly engage in a unique process to energetically transition through subconscious blockages; unhooking past traumas and limiting beliefs which are either inhibiting or impacting the clients desire for positive change. >>

Private Readings

I focus my channelling through the use of the Secret Dakini Oracle Deck. I always ask that my spirit guides connect with those of the questioner and only that which is related to the ‘utmost good’ for the questioner can be channelled through. Spiritual Guidance Readings provide opportunities of discovery, helping the questioner direct their life towards being the best they can be and finding a greater joyfulness. >>

Destiny Alignment Reading with Crystals

Crystals that resonate at the same frequency as your Destiny numbers, provide potent Alignment insights. I have combined Numerology, Crystals and The Secret Dakini Oracle to offer Destiny Alignment Readings and Healings.

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